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Step 1: Selection of participants

Each party has to select its candidates well in advance before the implementation of the given mobilities. The selection must be fairtransparent and well-documented, and shall be made available to all parties involved in the selection process. The selection criteria shall be made public. The HEI shall take the necessary measures to prevent any conflict of interest with regard to persons who may be invited to take part in the selection bodies or selection process.

In some cases, it may be acceptable to appoint a staff member directly if his or her participation was a specific part of the project proposal.

The sending and the receiving institution should have a common understanding regarding selection of participants and should have set a basic timeline and identified the colleagues responsible for the nomination of students and staff.

After the selection of candidates, the partner HEIs are obliged to send to the IRO a scanned copy of the record from the selection procedure with the following information: a date and a way of notification of the selection procedure, the selection criteria, a date of the selection, the members of the selection committee, the names of the applicants, the names of the selected applicants (and rejected applicants/alternates if relevant) and a short evaluation of the selection procedure. The record should be on a letterhead.

Step 2: Before the mobility
  • We need to agree on the period of the mobility

  • The participant, the sending and the receiving institutions must agree on the activities that the participant will undertake during the mobility by signing a Mobility Agreement (please see a template in section Useful links, documents and further information). The MA has to be signed by all parties before the mobility.

  • The IRO will prepare an invitation letter for the selected participant(s). We will inform the selected participant(s) about further documents and information needed to prepare an invitation letter.

  • The participant must verify if he/she needs visa in order to come and stay in Slovakia, where he/she needs to apply and what documents are required (please see a guide to administrative duties in section Useful links, documents and further information and contact the relevant Slovak consulate/embassy).

  • The participant has to arrange the travel tickets by himself/herself. He/she can arrange an accommodation by himself/herself, or, should a participant wish some assistance in finding the accommodation, he/she can contact a receiving department/institute/faculty or the IRO.

  • The incoming participants have to ensure an insurance covering the entire duration of the mobility including the travel days. An incoming mobile participant has to send a copy of the insurance to the IRO before the start of the mobility.  An insurance of medical expenses is compulsory, but the participant is recommended to also ensure other types of insurance policies, as they may deem fit (for example an accident insurance, a liability insurance etc.).

Step 3: After arrival and during the mobility
  • Non-EU member states citizens have to report their stay to the Foreign Police (submit a notice of the stay) within 3 working days since their arrival in Slovakia (please see a guide to administrative duties in section Useful links, documents and further information).

  • The staff member has to visit the IRO on the 1st day of the activity to sign a financial agreement. A total financial support will consist of 2 parts: an individual support (i.e. support for the accommodation, meals and other expenses) and an allowance for covering the travel costs. The full amount of the financial support will be paid in cash (in the cash desk).

  • After the arrival, the IRO will need the travel tickets (electronic ticket, an invoice and boarding passes or/and train or bus tickets or a confirmation of arriving by a private car) and also a confirmation of payment for accommodation in Košice.

  • On the last days of the activity, the staff member will receive a Confirmation of Erasmus+ Mobility (please see a template in section Useful links, documents and further information). The IRO will need one original copy as well.

Step 4: After the mobility
  • The IRO will need the scanned copies of the return tickets.

  • The staff member will receive a request (by email) for filing an online report through the EU Survey and shall submit it within 30 calendar days.

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